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Back in the day when I actually had time I wrote a few pieces for popular media and email lists on stuff that interests me such as robotics, privacy, body-machine interaction, alternative uses of technology, artificial intelligence and the like. These are still sometimes cited by others so I list them here.

Unpublished Academic Papers

Viseu, A.  (1999). A multidisciplinary approach to the mutual shaping process in electronic identities, or "We shape the tools and thereafter they shape us". (This paper was written for a doctoral course).

Viseu, A.  (2002).  Sociotechnical Worlds: The visions and realities of bodynets.  (This is an excerpt from my doctoral dissertation proposal). 

Popular Media/Short Essays

Viseu, A. (Sept. 2002). DECONtamination CONtagium. Mindjack

Viseu, A. (April 22, 2002). Building Emotional Machines. Mindjack

Viseu, A. (January 2002). Privacy and Freedom of Choice. Noema.lab

Are we more or less connected? Sept. 2001.

Interview with Jutta Treviranus on The Future of Haptic Technology. Sept. 2000.

The places and spaces of cyberspace. A response to an article by J. Koppell published in the August 2000 issue of the Atlantic Monthly. Posted to Nettime-l on Sept. 2000. 

Its not me! Its my genes! Or is it my memes? Posted to Nettime-l. May 7, 2000. 

Reportof the 'Computers, Freedom and Privacy' Conference. Held in Toronto, April 4-7, 2000.

Teaching with technology, through technology, or about technology? Posted to Nettime-l. 2000.

On electronic identity and personal identity. Posted to Nettime-l. Feb. 1, 2000

Road Stories for a Flesh Eating Future. Account of a performance by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker. Posted to Nettime-l. Sept. 14, 1999. 

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