There is a life outside of academia, and I like to take advantage of it whenever I can. One of the ways in which I do this is by going on long(ish) bike rides. From those rides emerges the project I present here, and to which I give the name 'Our Portugal'. It constitutes a feeble attempt to reclaim as also mine, modes of being and existences that are often outside my daily reality.

Living in Lisbon, working at the university, moving in academic circles, my daily life is mostly shielded from the poverty that afflicts my country. Most of the neighborhoods and places portrayed here are just a few kilometers from Lisbon, and many stand as testimony of the EU's austerity measures, even if they go beyond them. Some are pictures of hopelessness, while others depict different ways of being - in the city, with nature, in life, - others still are just beautiful.

All photos were taken with my phone, mostly while on my bike, and are shown here without any filters.