Over the years I have designed and taught a number of graduate and undergraduate courses, both in English and in Portuguese. Here is a sample. I should mention that I LOVE teaching!

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Corpos Tecnológicos. Mestrado em Cultura, Comunicação e Tecnologias da Informação, ISCTE-IUL.

Communication and the Sociotechnical:  Perspectives, Debates,  Applications.  York/Ryerson Joint Graduate Programme in Communication and Culture, York University.

Theoretical Approaches to Media and Culture.  York/Ryerson Joint Graduate Programme in Communication and Culture, York University. 


Case Studies in Critical Technology. York University

Doing Bodies/Doing Technology. York University

Communication and the Socio-technical: Perspectives, Debates, Applications. York University

Augmented Bodies?  Inquiries into the intersection of bodies and technologies . York University                                                                          

Augmented Bodies. Department of Science and Technology, Cornell University.

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